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UltraEdit text editor

Ultradedit is an HTML & hex based editor for coding. The Ultraedit editor is an ideal solution for programmers to get a sophisticated, clean and simple based program. Awards such as the Industry Winner, CNET Download Award, and Peoples Choice award have been associated with the Ultraedit text editor for its power & simplicity.

Worry free editing is what it’s all about with this application. It offers find and replace functionality that makes it dead simple to replace any errors or code within your scripts. Additionally, it is flexible in the fact that it supports formats and files such as Unicode, edit large files, and hex. You can then easily save it locally and have backups made so that your work is always stored safely.

This application supports both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms. The editor is packed so that you only The uses can be all over the place from basic text editing, web development, system administration, and of course programming development. So the uses are all over the spectrum.


Ultraedit Text Editor – How it works: 

Download UltraEdit Text Editor for Mac & Windows & Linux Here >>

Ultraedit offers a flexible and simple interface. Being cross platform you can install this on Mac OSX, Windows, and or Linux. The playing field is really up to you and how you want to edit your text. You simply install the application set your desired layout and theme and go about your business. Layouts are the foundation of the application. You can have super simple one window pane interface where your text is predominant or you can have a split pane view for your programming workflow.

Additionally the program offers a tab view where you can easily switch between documents that you need to alternate. A lot of other things are packed into the app itself such as a FTP client for transferring files for web development, file compare utility, and the themes for complete customization of your experience.

UltraEdit Editor

Features & Benefits: 

Under the skin of the simple interface of this editor there are many complex features. Offering you the complete control over the environment and you would like to execute your text editing.

A look at the features include:

  1. Text Editing Features
  2. Configurable Tab Options
  3. Drag-Drop Editing
  4. Editor Themes
  5. Quick Column Mode
  6. Unicode/UTF-8 editing support
  7. Find & Replace Features
  8. Quick Find
  9. Regular Expression Support
  10. Full FTP Support
  11. SSH/Telnet Console
  12. Code Folding
  13. Function List
  14. CSS color tooltips
  15. MSI installer
  16. Editable Macros
  17. Web Search toolbar
  18. Multi-byte support

The application includes all of these amazing features while maintaining an extreme ease of use. The interface is tailored to how you want it to be and the workspace you want to experience. This makes all spaces of the text editing categories at your disposal be it note taking or coding.

It takes away the issue of having a cluttered interface. These obstacles come up when coding or needing to open multiple windows or apps in order to keep track of all your projects. Everything is unified under one app and an interface where you can choose your view. It’s beneficial in that the FTP client, multi-based editing, and much more is all at your fingertips if need be, Making coding that much easier.

 Download UltraEdit Text Editor for Mac & Windows & Linux Here >>


Software Requirements: 

UltraEdit for Mac:

UltraEdit for Mac runs on all OSX systems 10.5 and later (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion), with support for Intel-based processors only.

 UltradaEdit for Linux:

UltraEdit is a native Linux application. It does not require WINE or any other translation layer for installation and use and will run on both the GNOME and KDE desktops. Select the appropriate installation package for your distribution of Linux above. If your distribution is not specifically listed, please download the .tar package.

UltraEdit for Windows:

Ultaedit is supported for Windows 7,8, XP, and Vista.


Summary & Special Coupon: 

In all, Ultraedit text editor is an amazing application for many different of users. Be it for programming or serious text editing this application is for you. It features an amazing syntax highlighting and clean interface for not only navigating but customizing. This way you can have it dead simple or more complex for your specific project.

Ultraedit is supported in over 5+ languages from English, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish.  While being a cross platform app so any user on any operating system is more than welcomed to try the app. Clicking on the link allows a trial that offers a full 30-day free experience is available for you to try your hand at the app and or purchase of Ultraedit. The app is your playground the choices are all yours.

Download UltraEdit Text Editor for Mac & Windows & Linux Here >>




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