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Toms Planner

Toms Planner is a web based solution for managing & organizing your projects. Bringing you easy Gantt chart software all via your browser. The online Gantt Charts make it a breeze for setting up any work projects for an individual or co-working group. Toms Planner is as easy as dragging & dropping.

This software has received praise from the likes of The New York Times, Mashable, & TechCrunch. Its simplistic design takes the confusion out of project management and makes everything a click away all from your browser.


Toms Planner – How it works: 

It works by providing you online access to its online Gantt Chart software, the main portion being the project your managing with each of its cells etc. The top features your all in one toolbar for managing everything from settings to saving/exporting the project.

The software can be used by anyone for multiple purposes:

  • Web Design
  • Construction
  • Resources
  • Conference
  • Rental
  • New Business 

and much more. It’s all tailored to your needs as a project planner. Whats important to note is that Toms Planner, despite being online, is easy to use. You can drag/drop throughout the interface to swap specific blocks/cells and also right click to get a special pop-up menu to insert new periods, change colors of tasks, so on and so forth.

A free demo version is available for you to try out & use without the need to register. This makes it easy to get a feel for the online Gantt Charts software.

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Features & Benefits: 

Toms Planner features quite a bit in its online charts.

  1. Collaboration Mode : This mode allows users to publish charts online & invite others to work on it. Additionally they can add links and or embed schedules onto your site/blog.
  2. Ease of Use Interface : Drag & drop controls with no installation required. The software also allows for export to image formats.
  3. Cross Platform : The Gantt Chart software can be ran across all browsers & operating systems.

As far as benefits go, Toms Planner has a wide arrange of use cases. It eliminates the need for software to be installed and makes project planning available platform wide whether you’re on a Mac or PC. Additionally since everything runs from the cloud your data is backed up & secured via your account making the need to worry about local copies being lost an issue of the past. Lastly Toms Planner offers templates & examples for you to use in your project planning. So even if your a first time user, you have something to work with opposed to creating something from scratch.

The collaboration support also means you can invite other users into the project. Making editing between multiple people simple & efficient. No longer will you have to send files or local copies when you can simply share a link.

Toms Planner Gantt Chart

Software Requirements: 

Browsers supported: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari

Operating Systems: Windows 8, Mac OS, Linux

System requirements: “The minimum requirements in terms of processor speed and memory are hard to determine. We test Tom's Planner on a regular basis on a really basic and almost 8 year old laptop and it runs just fine so we are pretty sure that every computer younger than 5 years will run Tom's Planner without any problems.”


Summary/Overview & Special Coupon: 

Overall Toms Planner offers great and simple online Gantt charts. Web based software made easy with a slick interface that makes project management but a few clicks.  You can try a free demo-version of Toms Planner by checking out their site today. Additionally, there are two other plans offered.  The professional plan offers enough features to get you into using Toms Planner for business purposes however if you require more things such as embedding schedules or local copies you can sign up for the unlimited plan. All plans start at monthly rates or you can opt to sign up to an annual subscription.

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Professional= $9 monthly

(Free Updates, Email Support, Get Invites, Print Schedules, Personalize Logo, Export Schedules)

Unlimited= $19 monthly

(Free Updates, Email Support, Invites, Print Schedules, Personalize Logo, Export Schedules, Back up & save locally, Embed Schedules, Collaborators print option)

However you can save now using our special coupon link saving you 25% off a license with an extra 15% if you sign up via an annual subscription. All of this is backed with a money back guarantee.

So if your looking for a great project planning software check out Toms Planner in the link below. 

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