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Sticky Password is a password manager that helps people keep their logins safe and secure. It eliminates lost or forgotten passwords for the multiple logins we all have today. This may be email, blogs, banks and so on. Identity lost and forgotten information is a big concern in todays community, this leaves us vulnerable. That’s where Sticky Password manager comes in.

This password manager was built from the ground up using AVG technologies. The idea is a “set and forget”management system. The application makes it possible to log into sites in a matter of seconds. It can also fill out the long sign in forms with simple clicks. Simply remember one password and you have access to everything else.

It creates passwords that are based off AES military grade encryption which ensures that you have the top of the line defense when it comes to logins.   supporting all your devices windows, iOS, and android devices.

Sticky Password has won the 5 star excellency review from Softpedia, PC mags highly rated password manager, and editors choice from instalki. These should show you its reliability and flexibility.


Sticky Password Manager – How it works: 

Sticky Password

The process is fairly simple for something so complex and secure. You first start off by importing any passwords you have saved. Then, you set up your identities or login information for your multiple accounts. After, sync all your devices with Sticky Pass in order to have all your accounts easily accessible. Lastly, you can login, checkout, and save! Only a four step process.

However there’s more to the manager. Setting up your identity also helps when signing up to a new site. Never fill out those pesky forms again. Set it once and forget. Hit one button and the manager automatically fills out information like name, birthday,gender, and even a new password.

Initially, the application makes you set a master password this is the key to securing all your storage information and getting access to other logins. It saves you time and the need to reenter information over and over. Having one password is never safe, this gives people access to all your accounts if they find that out. That’s why sticky pass allows you to set multiple strong AES passwords that the app remembers so you don’t have to.


Features & Benefits: 

Aside from being a super strong password manager theres much more to it then meets they eye. Synchronizing the data across all accounts and devices is just one part of the application.

  • Fill out forms instantly (Complete long forms automatically no need to register simply input information once, hit a button and autofill all forms. Also protecting you from key loggers.
  • Log-in Automatically (Be it social media, email, banking the app simply remembers your logins despite multiple passwords and can log you in automatically)
  • Remember 1-Password (Set 1 master password to remember and have that guard access to the rest of the information)
  • Password creator (Create the most secure AES passwords for your logins)

Set and forget is the key here. Having multiple logins this day in age is very common. Loosing memory of those log ins now and then is even more normal. Security through ease of use. This way it makes the rest of your internet experience secure and automatic. Best of all, the manager works on whatever device and platform your on making your experience secure no matter if your on your mac, iPhone, android phone or windows PC.

Sticky Password-Review

System Requirements: 


Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8 (Desktop mode only)



Android 2.1 and higher

Tablets supported



iOS 6.X and higher

Tablets supported


Summary/Overview & Special Coupon:

 No more lost passwords about sums up the features and functionalities of the application. Save time, never forget passwords, protect your ID, and get that security across all your platforms. Passwords are the key to our very valuable data information. Be it your banking account or email account, Sticky Password Pro makes this all an automatic process.

It remembers your passwords for you so you can focus on getting to work and your day without having to remember all the multiple log ins in your life. It simultaneously maintains high secure passwords.

Install and demo the software below with our link. Buying it via our link saves you 40% for only $12 for 1 user license for a year. All of which is backed with a 30 day money back guarantee protecting your purchase if you so choose to refund the software.

The security and ease of mind you’ll get with the sticky pass manager will well and above exceed the price you pay for it.

Download Sticky Password Manager or Buy With 40% Off Here >>




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