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Spyera is one of the most powerful spy softwares for cell phones and tablets. It holds undetectable to the common eye as the application can do a number of things from listening to live calls, live recordings, capturing IM and much more.

            The application offers many different varieties for multiple devices. Be it phone or tablet spy software on your iPad. On iOs alone you can take advantage of the device by spying on FaceTime, camera, ambient recordings, just going through some of the features.

            All of this is possible on specific devices like iPhone/iPad that are jailbroken, Android devices, and even Blackberry.

             This software has received the winning Spy Phone Award, 100% privacy medal, and sports over thousands of users. Spyera is a monitoring application that helps you find out what you need to know.  I was built specifically for government, law enforcement, professionals and surveillance enthusiasts.

            The way it all works is via the internet. Gathering all information and then pushing it through your web account. Notifying you when the user your tracking makes calls and so on.


Spyera – How it works:

             Installation depends on the device you choose to run it off of. However, let’s take a look at iOS for this example. The requirements on an iPhone is that it needs to be jailbroken and on iOS 6+. After installation, which only takes 2-3 minutes, you have the ability to start capturing all information from app messages, Facetime, key logging and much more.

            All information of course can be monitored remotely without warning the user at all. Spyera selling point is that it runs completely in stealth mode. Not alerting the user at all, so as far as they’re concerned there going about their day to day activities.

            From here you can choose exactly what you want to monitor. For example you can choose to record a targets microphone from their iPhone. The app will then activate their mic and record their surroundings then upload it your web account for you to view. This makes the file accessible from anywhere at anytime.

            The installation varies from device to device. However, it all runs in about 2-3 minutes time frame and you’re off to monitoring said device. You’ll need physical access to the device you’ll be installing it on but afterwards the rest lays in the application and cloud.


Spyera Features & Benefits

             Monitoring varies from device to device however for mobile device its all fairly the same features. Focusing on the 3-main devices Android, iOS, and Blackberry for example here are some of the feature sets.

  • Spy on FaceTime
  • Spy on Camera (Rear/Front)
  • Capturing IM (Skype,BBM, Line)
  • Ambient Listening & Recording
  • Spy on iMessages
  • Location Tracking
  • Monitor E-Mails
  • See Address Book
  • See Call History
  • Web History
  • Application Activity
  • Battery Levels
  • Spoof SMS
  • Sim Notification
  • Remote Control
  • Remote Update
  • Hide Rooting
  • Monitor VOIP Apps

            All of this while staying undetected to the user. The web app itself offers a simple interface to navigate and make all the tracking of information easy. Installation of the app itself is also a breeze be it an iPad or Android phone.

            This gives you complete monitoring of a device to make sure that individuals who you may be spying on are sending any critical information. Made for government agencies this app can be used in the field to track sensitive data.

            All while maintaing affordability and a clean interface.

System Requirements:


Spy on Any Android Phone Spyera is compatible with any Android phone even if it is not rooted.

Android OS version up to 4.4.2 is fully supported.

Installation takes only 2-3 minutes.

Once you installed Spyera, all features below will be available immediately.


iPhone- Spy on Any iPhone Spyera is compatible with any jailbroken iPhone

runs on iOS version up to 7.0.4

Installation takes only 2-3 minutes.

After you install Spyera, all features below will be available instantly.


Spy on any iPad Spyera is compatible with any jailbroken iPad models

Works with iOS device from 6.x to 7.0.6

Installation takes only 2-3 minutes.

After you install Spyera, all features below will be available instantly.

Multilingual iPad Spy App Spyera is the only cell phone spy application that

can capture every phone activities in all language.

All Non-Latin languages such Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese,

Korean, Japanese, Persian, Turkish..are full supported.

User activities appear correctly on your web account.

Summary/Overview & Special Coupon:

             The application is the most powerful spy software currently on the market. With its support for multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, PC and Sybmian devices, it’s highly versatile.

            Overall this software can capture almost anything regarding the devices. Capturing all languages and info from cell/tablet devices and uploading them all up to your account for you to monitor.

            Use our link below and save on over 15% for your purchase. Multiple pricing schemes are also available per specific devices so check out our links to save on specific plans.


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            Get monitoring today with one of the best spy softwares available.


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  2. I’m interested to buy this software, but one question…how this software can help me to tracking my friends whatapps or any communication without he knows without download to his handphone?does it working?

    • First you must install spyera on your friends phone secretly ( Don’t worry It is stealth and undetectable , no app icon no Task Manager ) . after that you will be given a web account , where you can watch all your friend’s phone activity on the website . that’s how it is work .

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