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Security is a Myth? Not With IBVPN – My Full Review , I’ve Bought it

Do you do online transactions such as online payment, critically private emails or inputting your personal information such as your credit card information, address, social security number and etc.?   Did you know that these information could be intercepted and acquired by skilled individuals while you are entering them online?    Security (on the internet) […]

AVS Video Editor Review, Pros and Cons, Is it Worth it ?

Recently I have been searching for good video editing software that can help me in editing the videos that I take on my phone and DSLR camera and it was then I came across this AVS Video Editor software. So after going through the specifications and reviews I decided to try the software. As like other […]

HyperSnap Review – The Easy & Quickest Way to Screenshot on Windows

Given the amount of content I produce screenshots are essential for my articles. The ability to capture them easily & efficiently is key & that’s where HyperSnap comes into play. Making the process of snapping, editing , and exporting a breeze so I can get back to the work at hand.   There’s all sorts […]

ConvertxtoDVD Review and Demo – An Unexpected Help

Monday morning, I was planning to pay my cousins in the province a visit this coming weekend since it has been a very long time since I have seen them. When I told them I was, they told me to bring the continuation of their new favorite series, the Game of Thrones. The last time […]