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Robotask is a great application that allows you to automate a variety of tasks on your computer from simple to complex. It can be launching your email program with a keyboard shortcut or backing up files to the cloud all in quick keystroke.

This application deals with automation. It takes tasks that may take more than few steps and executes them all in one. This enables everyday users to increase their productivity workflow. Robotask 6 has received acclaims such as 5/5 Gold from SoftforAll, Promaximum award, 5/5 on Sharware River and many more.

The application offers two licenses for users; Personal & Business.The personal license entails private and non-commercial use. While the Business license allows you to use it in a commercial setting. They offer many upgrade plans for year licenses so you can save big.

Robotask can get as complex as performing loops. IF/ELSE statements, and various other commands or as simple as open an app, rename folder, move folder.

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RoboTask – How it works: 

Robotask features a 3 window pane interface. The left allows you see your tasks on your computer. These tasks are sorted by simple and complex. From there you can create tasks regarding any windows commands or application executions. Status of all these commands are represented down below.

You can execute local tasks or remote tasks on other network computers, the choice is yours. The action menu allows you to get a glimpse of the many things you can do with Robotask.

Such examples:

  1. Check for Email
  2. Send Email
  3. Pack Files
  4. Download Files
  5. FTP Log on/off
  6. Sort Text
  7. Rename Folder
  8. WinPopups
  9. Works w/FTP  & web servers(Downloads/Uploads)

to name just a few.

The overall interface is super clean for an application that allows you to do so much. It breaks down into tasks and events. Events allow you to generalize the trigger such as hot keys, scheduler, and tray icons and so on. This way you can really choose the preference when your task trigger. A great example of this can be lowering your laptop brightness and closing out application when your lower battery indicator is triggered. Simply go through the application and walk through the process of setting up your tasks/events then afterwards forget about it.

Robotask 6

Features & Benefits:

The app is all about automation but the tasks list features many different options.

  1. Simple/Complex automation
  2. Runs applications & open documents
  3. Manage automatic backups
  4. Alerts you of any changes in folders
  5. Power options over windows
  6. Processes files & folders
  7. Alarm clock functionality
  8. Sends letters via e-mail programs
  9. Network messaging

These basic and complex task options make everyday tasks automatic. Generally any task you find tedious to run through can be set up through Robotask. Think of it as a domino effect with the tasks, doing one thing triggers the rest of the tasks.

The program monitors your work and reacts accordingly. You can set tasks to activate if, for example, a file is moved or renamed. Making organization and monotonous clicks a thing of the past. Additionally the application goes as far as remote-automation. This is very useful in business scenarios where you oversee multiple PC’s . This allows you to set up automation rules for multiple computers all at once.

There really is no end to what you can do with Robotask. You’re limited only by your imagination and tasks you want to see automated.

System Requirements:

 RoboTask is not a resource-consuming software. All you need to start RoboTask is:

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8 (x86/x64)
  • 128MB RAM and approx. 40MB of free disk space
  • 8MB of free disk space for additional plug-ins above
  • Note: We don't support Windows 95/NT4 and there are no versions for other platforms such as Linux, Macintosh, etc.


Summary/Overview & Special Coupon 

All in all automation is what the application is all about. It allows you take any basic and complex situations in the window environment and automate it. However, its interface is simple and straight forward enough to allow you to connect the tasks simply. Be it hardware or software commands, Robotask has you covered.

It also features extensive support for conditional actions. You’ll never have to do anything you don’t want to on Windows again. Using the link down below you can try out a free trial for business or personal use. The link also offers a 10% coupon off a license and volume discounts for more orders of the software. So get automating, get Robotask.

Download Robotask Software at Here >>

Get Robotask Personal 10% Off Coupon Here >>

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