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PhoneSheriff is a great piece of parental monitoring software that allows you to filer smartphones and tablets for information. It’s a useful software if you suspect your children or employees are abusing specific privileges of texting, calling, and browsing.

This application gives you the ability to learn all about those activities and even blocks them. It simply offers your protection and peace of mind with your work and personal environment at home.

This software is supported on 3 platforms/OS ( iOS , Android , Blackberry ). The application has a widespread reach which allows you to see things such as call history, SMS, and other data. The app has been established since 2003, which assures you that it’s had a longstanding reputation.


 PhoneSheriff – How it works:

             The process of this application works in three simple steps. You start off with the purchase and review all legal requirements if need be. After that a download link with a registration code is sent to your email. It then walks you through the process to install software on supported devices. After all of that is setup you can simply login to the web account to monitor all information.

Activities are recorded and rapidly inserted to the admin account for you to view.

You can filter such things as Apps, Websites, Contacts and more. This way your kids can’t view or add specific numbers and people or visit restricted content that may be explicit.

The application monitors in the background after installation . Simply piggybacking off the phone internet connection to send the recorded data at certain intervals to alert the admin or parent.

When you install PhoneSheriff there is a password-protected icon that will notify users of monitoring activities, provide a way for the child to Check-in, or send a panic alert. Or parents can enter the password from this screen to log in to the admin interface


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Features & Benefits:

Phonesheriff parental control software offers many features for you to get complete monitoring over your children's devices. The application allows you to monitor not just activity but also filter specific actions. You can choose what your kids can view and access via their devices. Very useful in the event that your kids or employees get exposed to content that is distraction or explicit for specific environments.

  • Real Time GPS Tracking
  • Internet History
  • Call History
  • iMessages Monitoring
  • Apps Installed
  • Contact Monitoring
  • Text Message Monitoring
  • Get E-Mail Log
  • Mobile Data Usage
  • MultiMedia Files
  • Free App Archive List
  • Backup/Restore
  • Anti-Abduction
  • Panic Alert
  • Calendar Entries
  • Photo Logs
  • Application Filtering
  • Website Filtering
  • Remote Locking/Unlocking
  • Profanity Alert
  • Remote Unistall
  • Intrusion Alert
  • Time Restrictions

Aside from the monitoring aspect of the application, Phonesheriff comes in handy in some others ways. It allows the parents to use it in case of theft of a device or remote wiping in the case that the device is lost and you want to preserve sensitive data.

The benefit here is control and peace of mind knowing that you know what’s going on in your children's life and have it recorded and logged.


System Requirements: 

Devices: Android iPhone BlackBerry Windows Mobile Symbian OS

Android iPhone BlackBerry Windows Mobile Symbian OS

Android Tablets iPad

The Android version of PhoneSheriff works with most Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and Motorola RAZR HD

*** All iPhones MUST be jailbroken prior to installing PhoneSheriff. This must be done by the customer before purchasing and installing the software. Please see the Additional Requirements about jailbreaking. ***

Compatible Carriers:  T-Mobile, Alltel, Sprint, Cingular, AT&T, Vodafone, O2, Telcel,MegaFon,Verizon, O2, Virgin Mobile


Summary/Overview & Special Coupon:

             Overall, Phonesheriff is a whole package for parents who need affordable and easy to use/setup tracking software. It goes above and beyond most tracking software and throws in actual restriction features.

Setting up parameters like time restriction on devices or app filters to protect your users. This can be useful in a family setting or work scene to prevent specific things happening on work devices.

Compatibility wise the application supports the top smartphone platforms such as Blackberry, Android, iPhone and windows mobile. It simultaneously runs securely  in the background of the device. The app offers two plans for parental monitoring at $90 per year and employee monitoring and control at $300 a year. So the choice of license depends on your needs and requirements when it comes to your desired environment you’ll be implementing the software in.

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