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 Phonesheriff Investigator

Phonesheriff Investigator is a great monitoring application for parents and employers alike. Using Phoneriff investigation techniques the application allows you to monitor iPhones without the need of jailbreaking. You can use the app to view text messages, iMessages, location information and more.

All you have to do is simply register the iPhone to the software and you can monitor your children's iPhone, iPod, and or iPad all at once. It all syncs via an Apple ID. It’s quick and easy to set up and get monitoring. To make sure your children are safe and that their iDevice has no sensitive data on it. Phonesheriff monitoring program is by far the best and easiest solution for fast set up.

This is great for making sure your children, for example, aren’t abusing phone privileges, texting forbidden people, taking/sending inappropriate photos, visiting forbidden sites and more activities that you wouldn’t want them doing.

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Phonesheriff Investigator – How it works:

Setup for Phonesheriff is really simple compared to most monitoring programs. It’s essentially a cellphone spy without the need to jailbreak and set up various tweaks to get the same results.  All of this can be accomplished in three simple steps.

First download the PC application. Then insert the Apple ID information associated with the device. After that, the device simply syncs with the application and then you can proceed to monitoring. From there you can sort out what it is you want to view. So There is no software installed on the targeted device. Multiple devices can all be set up on the same account. This allows you to monitor as many devices as you wish.

Aside from the above you’ll need to have enabled cloud storage backup via iCloud on your device.
However you must agree upon the purchase you must notify your child that they're being monitored , and the email address associated with your iCloud account will receive a notification when the software is used



Phonesheriff Investigator – Features & Benefits:

The app allows for monitoring of the whole device but lets take a look at some of the features in-depth.

  • Text Message Monitoring (View Sent/Received Messages)
  • GPS Location (View last backup of location on a map)
  •  Call History (Inbound/Outbound list of calls w/number & contact)
  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Notes
  • Safari Bookmarks
  • Account details

            Whether it’s making sure your kids are safe and or doing the right thing the real benefits are priceless with this app. A peace of mind. The data is all accessible and easily displayed in front of you to sort and navigate through. Covering all range of iOS device so as long their running iOS 5 or later. It puts you at rest as a parent as it gives you full access to your children's data to make sure they’re making the right choices and assuming the responsibilities for their devices.

Additional benefits are in the ease of setup of the software itself. Other 3rd party applications may require you to jailbreak your iOS device to get root access to it. There’s simply no need to do any of that with this application. It’s just an installation and pairing with the proper Apple ID account, that’s it. You pay not only for the monitoring capabilities but for the headaches saved from the setup.

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System Requirements:

 Any Windows-based Computer Running Windows Vista, 7 or 8.

Any Standard DSL, Cable or Other High Speed Connection.

Devices: Any Windows-based Computer Running Windows Vista, 7 or 8.

Any Standard DSL, Cable or Other High Speed Connection.


Summary/Overview & Special Coupon

             All in all, Phonesheriff investigation software is really one of a kind. With the ease of use and its clean interface to navigate data there’s no question that your investment is worth it. The monitoring features allow deep access to all the need to know information. This gives you the ability to monitor wherever your children may be in relation to their device.

If you use our link below you can save big at 15% on a lifetime license. So now the only question is what are you waiting for? Hands down the app is a one of the kind in terms of its features and functionalities, making monitoring a simple and easy task.

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