Get Your PC Running Fast & Smooth With Outbyte PC Repair

Get Your PC Running Fast & Smooth

Outbyte PC Repair

Find and fix what's causing speed and stability issues on your PC

Compatible with: Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7

Speed Up Windows Performance and Clean Junk

Windows is without a doubt the most widely used operating system on the planet. Windows computers are easier to use compared to other computers, but this doesn’t mean that they are invincible.

Windows has its own share of PC issues and bugs that may affect its performance. These issues range from Crashes, and even failing hardware slow down the performance.

These problems can be caused by a multitude of factors, including outdated drivers, corrupted files, and incompatible software. Hence, it is important to maintain your PC regularly to prevent these issues from happening.

Outbyte PC Repair is the best PC optimization and repair tool to help you solve these problems

Compatible with: Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7

What Is Outbyte PC Repair

Outbyte PC Repair is a completely safe tool that you can use for a variety of desktop maintenance tasks. Rather than a threat to your system, it acts more as a protector that secures your data from possible threats and hackers. 

Outbyte PC Repair finds and fixes the cause of your slow system and instability. It performs a thorough and comprehensive checkup on your desktop.

  • Detects various junk files, speed-reducing issues, and causes of system or application glitches.
  • Scans your task scheduler, browser extensions, and the registry to prevent potentially unwanted programs and files to enter and cause ID theft and other security issues.
  • Clear away files that can be safely removed with little risk of damaging your computer.

Best PC Optimization & Repair Tool

Diagnoses your Windows system

Cleans out junk files

Restores system stability

Improves computer speed

Protects your privacy

Scans PC for potentially unwanted program

Outbyte PC Repair is more than your typical PC optimizer. It is an all-in-one tool that helps you instantly optimize Windows while adding a layer of security protection and providing nice-to-have perks like longer battery life.

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Compatible with: Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7

8 Features Outbyte PC Repair

System Elements

Solve more than a hundred of the most common PC issues helps keep your computer performing at its peak. Include invalid redirects, system malfunctions, shared dll files and more.


See a quick performance overview of your computer, including CPU load and speed, the amount of RAM you have available, and even the write and read speeds of your hard drive.

Disk Space

Identify and remove unused temporary or cached files on your hard drive, to keep it in tip-top shape

Privacy Protection

Delete all of the tracking cookies in one go and alert you to potentially dangerous websites, making it the perfect one-stop shop for your online privacy needs.


Assist you with enabling and disabling some Windows features that can help keep your system stable, along with alerting you to any missing updates to keep your computer safe. also includes a lightweight scanner that quickly checks for PUA’s, or “Potentially Unwanted Apps”, as well as some known malware programs.

Real-Time Boost

A dynamic real-time boost feature that allows you to prioritize certain apps for CPU processor time, ensuring that these programs have the processing power to operate optimally when you need them.

Real-Time Privacy

Control the privacy of your data by disabling Windows telemetry features and automatically clearing older browser history and cookies.

Smart File Removal

The File Shredder tool securely deletes files from the Recycle Bin with no chance of restoring them - even the craftiest of third-party apps won’t be able to get them back.

Outbyte PC Repair is best at keeping your system as clean, fast, and secure as possible. With all these vital functions, your computer can provide you with smooth and speedy performance.

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Compatible with: Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7

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