Micro Keylogger Secret Coupon 10% Off and Review

Micro Keylogger

Micro keylogger is powerful application for windows that allow parental control, employee monitoring, and more all in one software package. The app secretly records keystrokes typed, passwords entered and even website history.  The data recorded can then be sent via email or even FTP servers over the internet for you to access remotely.

This is a great security/monitoring software to know everything going on your PC  while remaining completely anonymous to the end user. Restrict your kids from doing unsafe activity on the web, check in on your workers to make sure they’re on track, or just find out the truth about the activity going on while your away from your PC

You can run this all invisibly of course without any knowledge of the users. Only having access to it with a secure keystroke & even password to add an extra layer of protection. Receiving 100% clean award from Softpedia, SSL Secured, and verisign trusted awards.

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Micro Keylogger – How it works: 

            Microkeylogger runs securely in the background only accessible if you have  the set keystroke. While the app runs it records any keystrokes, passwords, websites and more inputted while the software is running. All of this is then recorded then packaged and sent over to a designated email address or FTP server. Never saving the data locally only keeping it safe and under your control making the sensitive data safe.

Installation is quick and easy. Select your language let the installer run and you off to the races. All while providing a 24/7 report line for you to contact if you have any issues. The interface itself is dead simple for anyone to set up and add your filters to the app. You can have micro key logger monitor selected content like “files downloaded” or have it monitor the whole 9-yards to make sure you don’t miss anything. The app even gives you control to monitor specific users or add a remote control account to access this all from another PC. After which you can view the reports to see all information or even physically print it to keep a copy of the evidence.

All of which again in a basic interface that any user will be able to navigate and set up entirely on their own.


Features & Benefits:

Micro keylogger has a ton of features under the hood aside from just recording basic keystrokes. A list of which include:

  1. Stealth Monitoring
  2. Option to manually clean out logs
  3. Set up schedule exporting via email or FTP
  4. Generate automated reports
  5. Undetectable Recording
  6. Record apps used/downloaded
  7. Password Protected
  8. Customized Hot Key
  9. Record Passwords in any browser/app
  10. Record Clipboard Content
  11. Record website history
  12. IM Chat conversations/chat logs
  13. Desktop Screenshots
  14. Monitor multiple user accounts
  15. Block Unwanted sites
  16. Block applications by keywords
  17. Send via FTP/E-mail
  18. Delete Logs automatically

The true benefits of microkeylogger is its ease of use. If your a parent you can easily setup filters for your family PC so that you can block any applications or websites that may have any explicit content included. From there the sending functionality really varies on your preference. Have them zipped into a folder & sent to your email or even deleted soon as the data is exported. Featuring a clean UI so you can browse through all the controls with ease.

Keylogging is just the surface of the application packing in so much more in a simple interface. Additionally there are methods to set to record screenshots so you can actually see visually whats going on the computer at any given time and have those sent remotely as well.

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Software Requirements: 

Windows XP/Vista/7/8 32bit or 64bit


Summary & Special Coupon: 

Overall Microkeylogger is one of the best loggers on the PC end. For an app that really offers flexible monitoring for either family or employers there is no software like it. Offering a simple user interface for the admin to set parameters on how and what to record. Recording simple characters all the way up to secured passwords for your viewing. All the while being able to take screenshots, send remotely, and event record in-app activity such as IM.

All of this running at the price of $80 USD or trying out the 5-day free trial. However if you want to save big you can use our links for 10% for a lifetime license be it for personal or professional use.

Try Free Micro Keylogger at www.microkeylogger.com >>

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