Macx Iphone DVD Ripper Review + $10-15 Off Coupon + Bonus

Macx iPhone DVD Ripper

Macx iPhone DVD Ripper is a software that allows for dual ripping. This software can be used for ripping DVD to iPhone or vice versa. This takes a DVD and can output it to multiple formats compatible with a variety of iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod. The software can convert both home made and protected DVD’s.

            Additionally the software packs in its own built in editor to do any last minute edits such trimming, subtitle, and cropping. Most important is Macx easy to use interface which allows you to quickly navigate and complete your video project for export. Supporting a wide range of formats for iOS devices & supported DVDs.

            Accessibility is also a great thing to note about the application. It holds compatibility across all mac OS X platforms from tiger and up. Additionally it’s also available in languages such as English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Korean. Also receiving praise from sites like Maclife, Macworld, Softpedia, and more.

Macx Iphone DVD Ripper – How it Works: 

            iPhone DVD ripper interface is super straightforward. Your media bin runs on the left and your preview window runs on the right. Simply begin by importing your video or DVD into the application and prep it for export. Set your preset for your device and then go about doing any editing adjustments before fully exporting.

            You can do things from adjusting audio levels, trimming or cutting video, adding external subtitles and much more to your project. Multiple formats for iOS devices are supported such as MP4, MOV, H.264 and MP3. The glory of the app is that you don’t need to worry about your devices specific settings. MacX defined presets have all current iOS devices in it for you to just select and render.

Best of all mac iPhone dvd ripper runs extremely fast and is efficient at its renders.

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Features & Benefits:

            Aside from being a DVD ripper the MacX app has an assortment of other features.

  1. Rip DVD to iOS/iTunes supported formats
  2. Convert DVD to MOV, MP4, h.264 for playback on mac
  3. Updated to support latest DVD copy protection
  4. Built in video editor
  5. Adjustable audio/video settings

This makes DVD ripping and exporting a one step process. You no longer have to use separate application to get the job done when the iPhone DVD ripper does it all for you. The presets also help dramatically in the fact that you don’t have to worry about any presets for your specific device.

This software is packaged into a two-paned window interface. Simply import, edit, and finally export. This lessens the complication in the process of taking a home video or DVD movie and brings it onto your mobile device. Speed is also something to note when it comes to the app. The biggest benefit aside from the features is its shear speed at processing the tasks at hand.


System Requirements: 

Supported DVD

The latest encrypted DVD, Normal DVD, CSS protected DVD, region 1-6, Sony ArccOS, Commercial DVD, DVD Folder, ISO image

Output File Formats

iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5,iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, 3, 3GS, iPad Air, iPad Mini with retina display, iPad Mini, New iPad/iPad 4, iPad 2, Apple TV, iTunes, MP4, MOV, M4V, MP3, AAC, AC3, PNG


Mac OS X Tiger/Leopard/Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks/Yosemite


Summary/Overview & Special Coupon

             In closing, this app saves you time and pain when it comes to ripping and exporting DVDs to an iOS device. Everything is wrapped up neatly for you so that you can easily import and get the proper file format exported. It takes the DVD you’ve had forever and converts it perfectly for playback on your new iPad air.

At an affordable price this saves you money on multiple software as well as combining both the conversion and ripping process into one application. On top of that adding additional extras like a simple video editor to do some touch up work to your project. Also supporting DVD protection ripping be it a home movie or a store bought DVD.

Using the link below you can try and buy the software at $10-$15 off. If you choose to pay only $30 USD at $10 off and get the free iPhone mounter software or pay $35 USD and get the mac x video converter pro software packaged with your purchase. The choice is yours. Save big on time and money with the link below all included with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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