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Powerful Video Security Software to Monitor Your Home

​Blue Iris Software
Features & Benefit

Simultaneously use up to 64 cameras (webcams, camcorders, network IP cams, analog cards, or your PC desktop). 

View live cameras, recorded clips and alerts.

We also have mobile apps so you can bring your Blue Iris with you, anywhere!

Our applications are available on Android and iOS.

Use motion or audio sensing to trigger recording, or record continuously or periodically.

Receive alerts via loudspeaker, email, instant message, voice phone call (with automatic redial), or external Program/script.

Responsive Customer Support to Help You With Any Problem. Also There is a User Forum 

Affordable Price With Free Trial Download. So You Can Try First Without Any Risk

Blue Iris System Requirement

Minimum requirements:
Pentium dual-core or equivalent 2GHz processor or better
2GB or more system RAM
Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or newer, or a server OS
One or more USB or Network IP cameras, or an analog capture card with DirectShow drivers

Recommendations when using many and/or HD cameras:
Intel core i7 with QuickSync for hardware decoding
8GB or more RAM
Microsoft Windows 8.1 or 10, 64 bit
nVIDIA graphics adaptor for efficient screen display
7200+ RPM drives and/or SSD drive

blue iris

What Other Says About
Blue Iris

I've been running Blue Iris for about 4 years for my home security. I have 8 cameras recording 24/7/365, most of them are 1080p.

I have used other systems in the past and I have researched this video surveillance space for many years. Blue Iris is by far the best and most cost effective software for managing your video surveillance system.

I can not imagine a feature you would want or need that it does not have. I have it setup with some fairly complex configurations and I feel like I have only used a small portion of the features it has. I can instantly see what time UPS drove by, what time the mailman came, or when the cats visited the litter box.

It's all very easy to do. You can even setup alerts that ONLY trigger when an object or person moves in a specific pattern across the camera image and at a specific speed. It's powerful software. 

I've only had this system crash once in four years and it was because of a bug that got introduced in an update, which was fixed within hours. This software is continually and frequently being updated with new features.

I can't imagine what else it could do for me, but the new features just keep on coming. If you have Blue Iris then you absolutely MUST get the iPhone or Android app. If my information is correct it is made by a third party, but it works flawlessly and provides control of your system as well as a way to view your cameras quickly and remotely. You can even talk to people through your camera(s) if the camera(s) support(s) it.

Arjuna22, Youtube User

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