AVS Video Editor 6.5 Review + $30 Off Coupon + Bonus

AVS video editor (Avs4you) is a great editing application for novice movie makers. Although this isn’t suited for professionals this is a great place to start with your basic editing needs. The editor supports all major video formats such as AVI, MP4, VOB and many more. Offering you the ability to do all sorts of common editing techniques such as cut, merge, rotate, etc.

AVS video editing is made simple with its clean interface and timeline support to add clips into. Featuring over 300 + transitions & effects along with ability to caption and comment on audio clips.


AVS Video Editor – How it works:

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It all starts with importing your media into the application or capturing video via a camera or even the web. From there the media can be dropped into the timeline to be edited. The app allows you to do all things from basic effects & transitions to tidy up your video project. After you’ve completed your editing process you can then choose to export to a variety of formats.

Some of those formats are

  • FLV
  • WMV
  • AVI
  • MP4
  • M2T
  • AMV
  • MPEG 2
  • DVD
  • TOD
  • VCD
  • Sony PSP
  • iPod/iPhone
  • H.264

The overall interface of AVS video editor showcases a preview window to view all your content and a big space below for all your clips. Additionally theres a media bin to sort through content and main bar in the middle of the app to access all effects, transitions, and other tools.

AVS Video Editor

Features & Benefits 

Features include capturing video from multiple sources such as hardware devices like a camera, web content, and or DVD media. The AVS4you tools even allow you to record content like your PC screen to showcase tutorials. The app also has a built in sharing feature to take your exported content and push it out to Flickr, Facebook, and Youtube to name a few. Lastly the app supports multiple languages like German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Danish, and Russian. This makes the app easily accessed across multiple countries. Best of all AVS has support for modern formats such as Blu Ray video. You can import and edit blu ray content that you can later write off to a disc for viewing on a TV level.

Benefits wise this makes video editing easy for users who’ve never used any sort of editing software. Whether you’re a novice or have some experience, AVS offers everything you need to produce a high quality video. This is an ideal software to learn the ropes of video editing. On top of all of that theres no need to worry about compatibility and support as it supports a variety of formats for import or export.


Software Requirements:

Platforms supported: Windows 7, 8, XP, 2003, & Vista. Currently no mac or linux support.

Processor:   AMD / Intel Core 2 Duo compatible processor 3 GHz or more

RAM:   2 GB or more

Display:  32-bit color depth

Microsoft: DirectX DirectX 9.0c or more

Administrative rights to install and register the program

Internet connection to use to register


Windows 8.x/Windows 7 Recommended System Requirements

Processor:   AMD / Intel Core 2 Quad -compatible processor 2.4 GHz or more

RAM :  3 GB or more

Note : System requirements, you have installed Windows 8.x/Windows 7 may be different depending on the version of. Windows Aero there is a possibility that the system requirements are expanded if the interface is enabled.


Summary/Overview & Special Coupon: 

In review AVS video editor is a great gateway for video editors to get a feel for basic projects. With its vast support of formats & clean interface you can easily navigate your way around a video project. There is currently a trial available to try out the software to see if it fits for you. Giving the user complete control over video & audio to be spliced, rearranged, and add on effects.

Looking to save on the software? Be sure to check out the link below for $30 off a 1 year license. At $40 and $60 for unlimited license you get 16 AVS4You tools completely free. This also includes a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure that if you don’t enjoy the software, a return is possible.

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