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Aobo Keylogger is one the best mac logging applications. This app allows you to record keystrokes typed on the Mac OS X machine recording and logging every key inputted. You can use this app to monitor work macs, personal ones, or for parents your children.

Aobo can then take the logs and send them via methods like email or FTP.

There a standard and pro version one which allows you monitor as deep as secured passwords typed into machines. Aside from those you can record regular keystrokes typed all while the apps itself runs stealth in the background. No user is aware of the monitoring and recording so as long as you don’t know the specific keystroke.

This can be used to monitor and protect your children or a work environment to ensure that everything is on task & they’re not doing anything inappropriate. Additionally Aobo mac key logger can act as a security measure in case your mac is ever stolen. If your mac is stolen you can have the key log and information sent over the network to help pinpoint the theft. In a work setting you can see why productivity has dropped and what sites your employers are visiting on your expense.


Aobo Keylogger – How it works: 

The app opens up and shows you a clean window interface. Featuring 6 tabs general, logs, screenshots, email, FTP, users. You can now set a master password to secure the Aobo key logging software. The app from there on runs in the background with the customized hotkey you set. Stealth mode is then active and runs secretly logging all information you set.

You set the terms as far whats logged. It can be keystrokes, websites visited, and chat conversations (skype, AIM, iChat, Adium, and MSN). Once everything is settled you can then view the saved log to see all information as far as links and keystrokes typed. The app can even recorded screenshots at timed intervals you set, so you can actually see what is going on the desktop in a picture.


Features & Benefits: 

Key logging has never been easier and more effective on OS X. Through two additions be it Standard or Professional the features vary. Most  importantly the pro version offers “password” keystroke logging. So that you can monitor secured password strokes inputted into any app or form. Other features include:

  1. Stealth & Undetectable monitor/recording
  2. Automatically delete old logs
  3. Capture Screenshots at time intervals
  4. Install for all or single accounts on OS X
  5. Password Protection
  6. Record websites visited in multiple browser
  7. Chat log monitoring
  8. Send via FTP/Email
  9. Export logs via PDF or HTML files

The real benefit of this app is anonymity. Providing complete monitoring capabilities in a clean interface. Also providing parents and employers a way to monitor their computers at a cost effective solution.

Additionally the benefit lies in the versions you choose. Be it standard or professional. Standard which is tailored for personal and family use allows you import and export settings and logs you’ve recorded. Professional license entails for both home and business use. This can then enable you to sync settings remotely.

 Try Aobo Keylogger standart + Get 10% Off >>

Buy Aobo Keylogger Pro With 10% Off Coupon >


System Requirements:

Support Mac OS X 10.4.x and above

Universal build (for both Intel and Power PC)

Support Macbook/iMac/PowerPC/MacMini

Mac OS X 10.5.x and above, Intel PC


Summary/Overview & Special Coupon: 

In summary Aobo Mac Keylogger provides a full monitoring application for the mac. Which typically in the OS X space is very limited. Record your keystrokes, websites, and other information inputted into the mac. All while maintaing a super simple interface that anyone could familiarize with.

More importantly when it comes to family and work you can be assured of everything going on. Giving you a peace of mind and data to refer back to if need be. Discover the truth with the logs of information stored or delivered to you via Aobo. Key logging has never been so easy and stealthy. Discover whats going on with your mac and those who use it, from text to website and screenshots. Aobo has your mac monitored from the ground up.

Check out our link below to try or buy the application. Saving 10% off the final order with a 30-day money back guarantee. At the end of the day if its for work or personal use Aobo is OS X best solution for key logging.

 Try Aobo Keylogger standart + Get 10% Off >>

Buy Aobo Keylogger Pro With 10% Off Coupon >



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